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Meet Richa

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A Welcome Message for You

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Richa Badami is the founder of RichaBadami.com and creator of the I AM Consciousness Program. In this role, Richa leads retreats, group programs and classes in personal transformation and meditation and is also a sought after presenter in her area of expertise.

Committed to a life of transformation and meditation, Richa believes that the potential for healing, forgiveness and compassion is within each of us, and is limitless.

Richa has been a transformation leader for over fifteen years. She has trained with teachers from the east and the west in energy, healing, meditation and transformation. Her work is a seamless blend of her studies in a myriad of modalities from all over the world.

Prior to starting her professional practice as a teacher, consultant and speaker, Richa spent four year assisting her mentors in leading transformational intensive seminars and energy healing classes.

In this role she was responsible for the needs of the leaders and attendees and through her work as an assistant she developed an acute sense of what was needed for maximum transformation to happen in the lives of the participants.

Today, Richa helps her clients and students, whether they be a CEO of a multimillion-dollar corporation or a stay at home mom, to breakthrough their limiting beliefs and old patterns that hold them back. More significantly, she then guides them beyond the breakthrough, using her one of a kind curriculum and process.

Richa is passionate about healing, forgiveness, compassion and all of their infinite possibilities. Richa provides programs and consulting services that help people create lasting transformation and success in their lives by simply leveraging, that which is already present within them, their inner power.

Richa is available for speaking engagements and private consultations by phone or Skype and can be reached at Richa@RichaBadami.com

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