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Coming Home to the Heart


In this courageous and deeply inspiring memoir, Richa Badami shares how she overcame the psychic damage inflicted on her for years in the form of sexual abuse that began when she was only a child. Because of cultural taboos that denied her treatment for her trauma, Badami mustered formidable inner resources to engineer her own healing. Through sheer determination, painful step by painful step, she rediscovered her capacity for joy, love, and, most important, an ability to forgive. Coming Home to the Heart traces her path to recovery and a wholesome, fulfilling life, and teaches readers how they can utilize similar transformative tools to help find their own way back to peace.

  • Janice Wilson Stridick
    Richa’s memoir is amazing. She was relentlessly honest about her story, and the story is heartbreaking but also inspiring. Because she is so beautiful, and an accomplished actress (from her younger days in India), her story may upstage her mission, which is to help others to adopt spiritual practices to overcome trauma. However, her honesty and courage will undoubtedly inspire many people who suffer from repressed shame, guilt and self-loathing as a result of sexual abuse.
    Janice Wilson Stridick
  • Doc Champagne
    I have had the good fortune to talk to Richa in person and via social media and each time it has been memorable - she's one of those special and honest individuals that makes an amazing impact on you. Her book, Coming Home to the Heart, is very much the same experience. Even though I have not suffered the sort of trauma that she describes, I can relate most everything to my own life and it has helped me really focus on what is important. Once you have read her book be sure to explore the retreats & events she hosts as they are truly transformative to everyone that attends.
    Doc Champagne
  • David Bruce
    This book is for anyone who is alive or has ever lived. While we may not have experienced the the type of trauma that Richa has, we have all experienced trauma that has us stuck in the past. While there may be many paths to healing, we all need to let go of the past and create a new future that isn't driven by past trauma. That is the bittersweet journey that is life, and we don't really live until we leave the past behind and come home to who we are in our hearts. Richa Badami has captured her journey on paper in a way that has me reflect on my own journey as well as the journey ahead of my infant daughter.
    David Bruce

Richa’s Random Ruminations

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“If you want to know what you are really like and some of the things that are really important to you, then this is a good way to meet yourself and have that conversation.”

Fred K

“We build up all this baggage … To just take a minute to let some of it go, it stops holding you back and gives you a chance to press the reset button.”

Dr. Corey M.

“This experience has opened the doors to the love & compassion I can have for myself and become even better than I can imagine.”

Lys M.

“People should come if there’s something they have been reaching for but can’t figure out why they can’t get there. Or if they just want to know more about themselves.”

Jennifer M.