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Every day we learn more and more about how necessary sleep is for our physical, as well as mental health. Good, clean, healthy sleep has never been MORE important than now. I invite you to experience Yoga Nidra and have good, quality sleep every night.

In Sanskrit, “Nidra” means Sleep, and “Yoga” means Unite. “Yoga Nidra” is a conscious and awakened way to fall asleep.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient and well known meditation and body-mind therapy. With step-by-step calming, vocal guidance, the instructor gently guides you to consciously experience unity with your physical body, gently allowing your body to embrace rest, then sleep.

This is my personal, favorite meditation for my family and I.

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If you found this resource useful, would you please take a moment and forward this meditation to someone you know it would benefit? On behalf of your future self, the planet and I thank you for taking the time right now to make your wellbeing a priority,

To you and your family’s health,


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Craig Villani


Raja Yoga Academy

866-RYAYOGA  (866-792-9642)


Throughout the last twenty years, Craig Villani has guided thousands of yoga instructors to achieve professional certification in the Original 26&2. He served for nearly a decade as International Director of Education and Teacher Training for the Bikram Yoga  College of India, resigning from his position in 2008.

Craig leads events throughout the world, focusing on hatha and raja yoga, breath work, meditation, mind training, personal transformation, consciousness, connection, and integrative health. He has been mentoring teachers in transformational leadership and yoga therapy since 1999.

Honoring purpose, compassion, courage, and connection, RYA provides a safe and welcoming space for our community to grow, share, and realize a better future together.