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Each and every one possesses the innate wisdom and inner technology – to heal and transform. These are stressful times and yet, when we pause we can find all we need to be self sufficient right here, within us. We sometimes fail to recognize just how whole and complete we are, just as we are.

I spoke with my friend and Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner,  Bev Nerenberg and experienced a session in tapping with her today. The technique is simple, it’s effects are profound. I will be tapping everyday for the next 21 days and journaling the impacts of it for myself.

Here is a short meditation on tapping in, awakening and activating the innate wisdom and inner technology of our body. By physically tapping on the meridians, the channels of energy that move Chi, Ki, Prana or Universal Life Force Energy through our physical body, we encourage the restoration and renewal of our nerves, organs, glands, mental thoughts and emotional patterns.

Here is the meditation, Tapping Innate Wisdom: 

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Bev has shared the background, origins, techniques and many valuable resources about tapping. Here is the video of our Zoom call recording:

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I hope you find these resources useful during these trying times. Remember to reach out if you need anything, and don’t forget to rest and reflect.

To your health and wellness,


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Bev Nerenberg

was a Senior Vice President of Operations for a regional multi-million dollar, Inc. 500 (#144) computer distribution company and then a Director of Operations for a chain of Montessori schools.  She is an experienced business leader, familiar with most of the inherent challenges and solutions.

In 2008 she discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques from a DVD called The Tapping Solution. It changed the direction of her life. From her first experience with EFT – disappearing her lifelong acrophobia (fear of heights), to the relief she got from anger, jealousy, physical pains and worry, she knew she wanted to share this modality with as many people as she could.

Bev devoted hereself to EFT by practicing it and then continuing on to become Certified as an EFT Practitioner and started Wellness At Your Fingertips.


Call 301-602-3949