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I attended a workshop Mary led last year in Malibu, CA. I loved how seamlessly she integrated gentle body movement, breathing and dance. It felt safe, simple and profound. I recall her guiding us into heart space, and in that moment, the love I felt move through my body, breath, heart and mind, was truly like none other.

I am so thrilled to introduce Mary Gordon to you. Mary has worked in the field of addiction, recovery and counseling for 30 years and has served as the Director of the Betty Ford Centre for 16 of those years. Mary is presently the founder of Inner Directions Workshops and leads transformational, spiritual workshops for women internationally.

As we navigate uncharted waters in these precarious times, guides and experts like Mary Gordon, have been working with families during many intense challenges involving trauma and recovery. We have so much to be grateful for as we continue to build our toolbox with healthy strategies. I hope you find this conversation with Mary helpful.

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If you found this resource useful, would you please take a moment and forward this resource to someone you know it would benefit? On behalf of your future self, the planet and I thank you for taking the time right now to make your wellbeing a priority,

To you and your family’s health,


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Mary M. Gordon

Inner Directions



Mary McGraw Gordon has spent her professional career working in the addiction treatment field, most recently as the Director of the world-renowned Betty Ford Center Family and Outpatient Program in Rancho Mirage, CA. In this role, Mary expanded and developed programs, focusing on family resiliency and recovery.

Establishing Inner Directions has allowed Mary to broaden her scope of practice. In her new role, she integrates her vast professional experience in the addiction field with her broad knowledge of dance/movement therapeutic modalities.

Mary’s workshop and retreat facilitation offer a unique experience that integrates the body, mind and spiritual aspects of the recovery journey.