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12239471_10154133802082841_8773142648560717122_nGreetings and welcome to my I AM Partner Program! I’m so honored to have you on this journey with me and can’t wait to bring transformation and healing to your community.

It takes a whole lot of trust to enter into a special relationship such as this, so at the outset let me just say that I am deeply grateful for your confidence in me and am committed to taking care of your clients.

You’ll be receiving more details from me shortly. I want to make sure you have access to all the content and tools needed to share with your list.

The intention of this launch is to inspire the viewer, with the help of three dynamic videos, to engineer their own healing. Not prioritizing self-healing and forgiveness inadvertently holds them back from living their best lives. The I AM Consciousness Program will guide them through the phases of their self-awareness so they can manifest who they truly want to be.

In Video One they learn all about the core teachings to engineer their own healing, and some of the main tools to jumpstart a spiritual practice.

In Video Two I share mindset reset guidelines and lead a guided meditation using my pause for power method.

In Video Three I share the I AM Consciousness Blueprint and walk the viewer through the stages of the entire program.

These teachings will help your community reflect deeply on their own inner state of awareness, become acutely present to what is not serving them anymore, and will begin to see the new possibilities that become available as a result of shedding the old beliefs about the self.

Here is the Launch Schedule:

12/8/2015 – Video 1: Core Teachings To Engineer Your Own Healing

12/11/2015 – Video 2: Your Mindset Reset & Guided Meditation (And Much More)

12/15/2015 – Video 3: The I AM Consciousness Blueprint

12/17/2015 – Sales Video: Your Inner Awareness Manifestation (Moving Forward) – CART OPEN!

12/22/2015 – CART CLOSE at midnight!

1/4/2016 – CART REOPEN

1/8/2016 – CART CLOSE for the final time at midnight!

1/11/2016 – First module released

It’s been proven that one of the best times to launch a personal development product is January. However launching over the holidays is not necessarily a walk in the park. I mean who can compete with Christmas, right? For that reason, I worked real close with my mentors and we created the above launch schedule, so although it’s during the holiday season it weaves around 12/25 and 12/31-1/2. So, hats off to you for believing in this project (and in me) and supporting it’s success during one of the busiest times of the year!

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Here is my cell phone number if you need to reach me urgently, feel free to send me a text or just call:


With love, light and peace,
Richa Badami

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