July 28, 2015

Are You Creating The Life You Truly Desire?

I have found in the past that when my clients think about their future, they only look ahead at goals or benchmarks that will get them to where they want to be one day. They take action and sometimes feel that only through action will they ever see progress.
July 15, 2015
stress management, meditation

Do You Think You Need Stress Management?

When you consider your life, I want you to think about two things: the content and the context. What is your perspective on things? In today's episode of Pause for Power, I discuss the difference between the content and context of your life and how this pertains to the stress you encounter. In the big picture, is stress really something that we want to manage or is it something that we simply need to consider from a different perspective?
July 7, 2015

Are You Willing to Be a Fool?

Life brings with it thousands of experiences, both positive and negative. When you come upon difficulties in your life, you have the choice to carry the burden of those difficulties with you or free yourself of the burdens that weigh you down. Becoming a fool means you never hold on to your experiences; you simply go on trusting despite your experiences.
June 16, 2015
true ID

What Is Your True ID?

If the Universe carded you, what ID would you show? Would you pull out your fake ID or your true ID? Do you even know who your true ID is? Many times we get caught up in other people's perceptions of who we are that we lose sight of our Divine selves. Life being what it is, tends to blanket our true identities and dampen the light that shines within us. In this episode of Pause for Power, I explain what it means to live according to your true ID and how to discover what that ID is.