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July 3, 2018
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Yoga is your boat, he said

I’ve just returned from a Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in India and have been thinking about something my yoga teacher said to me. He said, “If life is an ocean, then yoga is your boat. Just as there are waves of happiness, sorrow, joy and strife in the ocean of your life, if you have access to a boat, then that boat can help you get past the waves and through the ocean. Your yoga practice is that boat for your life.”

Do you have a practice that helps serve as a “boat” in your life? You may have one, or more than one such boat. You may have someone in your life, or many people, that are there for you when you need the extra support to get above the waves that are too much to face on your own. On the other hand, you may feel alone, like you have no one to turn to or like you are missing the tools to feel empowered when life throws you a curve ball.

There have been times in my life when I have felt empowered, knowing what tool to access, who to reach out to, how to take great care of myself. There have also been times that I have felt like I was at a loss – like the wave was just a little too big for me to access my inner vault or tool box, or phone a friend! In such times it might have even felt like I went under the wave for a few minutes (or months, depending). But what I was doing while I was “under” or seemed like I was “gone” was profoundly transformative.

“The wound is where the Light enters you” – Rumi

The times that I was “under” or seemed “gone” were probably the most “awake” and “aware” I have ever been in my life. The toughest waves evoke transformation, stretch and grow you in a non-linear, quantum leap sort of way. These real teachings can’t be acquired from books, podcasts or motivational, inspirational or even spiritual gurus. You learn from life by being in it, alive to all there is, without judgment.

Whether you conquer every wave in the ocean of your life or get knocked off your boat and find yourself under for some time, every experience teaches you something. You are learning where your strengths lie, or you are learning where you need to strengthen yourself.  Your will to survive and thrive will have you bop back up, have you rise above the wave and find your way back into the boat again. You will be stronger, more empowered with new tools in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual vault.

Take a moment to take an inventory of your inner tool box right now and share in the comments below.

Are you in an empowered or disempowered state?

If you feel like you could use some support and guidance in navigating the ocean of your life right now, send me an email at and let’s chat.

In the meantime, here are some mind cues for your next meditation…

I navigate the ocean of my life with ease…

I am empowered to face what life brings me…

I possess innate strength and courage to overcome any upset in my life…



  1. Kesha Green says:

    I love this post! Wish I was there!

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