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ANAHATHA: 3 Divine Downloads to Awaken the Spiritual Heart


I just celebrated 10 years of Anahatha, my spiritual transformation and personal development practice. If you have been on the journey with me, you know what a fabulous time of growth, healing, and recovery it has been! When I first began, I used the expression “Anahatha: Experience the Heart Energy”, but now, as the journey on year 11 has just begun, I am slightly modifying that to what feels true now, and that is, “ANAHATHA: SHARE the Heart Energy”!!!

In my blog last week, S.H.A.R.E, I wrote about the “divine download” I had with regards to the phrase S.H.A.R.E. And after the ANAHATHA 10 Year celebration recently, I am even more clear that S.H.A.R.E is where it is at. If you are wondering what this is all about, go back to the last blog, read that (3-minute read), and come back, and then read this blog to the end!

My heart is filled with love and gratitude to have spent the afternoon with past graduates of the I AM Consciousness Program, Retreat graduates, friends and family, and also my wonderful daughters and husband Kash. It was humbling and a true honor to ||pause|| and witness the journey we have all been on collectively and individually.

ANAHATHA, literally translated, is the Sanskrit name for the Heart Energy Centre or Heart Chakra. There are three chakras above the Heart Chakra and three chakras below the Heart Chakra. It is at the Heart Chakra or ANAHATHA, that heaven and earth meet. It is here that you feel the ultimate in love, bliss, and happiness. It is here that you not only connect with others but above all connect with your Self and connect with your I AM Consciousness, your Inner Awareness Manifestation. The ANAHATHA is the home of your Spiritual Heart.

Recently I have been deepening my spiritual practice and have experienced moments of oneness with higher spirit. In these moments I receive what I call, “divine downloads” and wanted to share the 3 divine downloads that I received for ANAHATHA that awaken the spiritual heart. Here they are…

Divine Download #1: ANAHATHA
The philosophy around the work I offer is open and simple. It is a way to reset hearts and minds in a natural and holistic way. It also guides you, gently, lovingly and compassionately, to be who you really are, and help you see yourself from the place of spiritual awakening and higher awareness. In this divine download, the letters of the word ANAHATHA poured out onto a blank sheet of paper and spelled themselves out for me. I wrote them out and was stunned that these letters have been there all along, and I am only now seeing them…how beautifully and perfectly timed and what a gift!

ANAHATHA = A Natural And Holistic Approach To Higher Awareness

Divine Download #2: ANAHATHA Test
I believe that “Abundance flows with effortless ease”. I call it the “ANAHATHA Test”. I found that when I was grounded, balanced and centered things happened with ease, which meant I passed the ANAHATHA Test. When I was off balance, or in fear and anxiety, somehow I hit more blocks along the way and things took longer to get accomplished. This meant I failed the ANAHATHA Test. I trust that everything in my life is happening for my highest good. Hence, failing the ANAHATHA test turns out to be a blessing in disguise!

Intellectually, we know that prevention is better than cure. We have a maintenance plan for our household appliances, insurance for our car and regular physicals with our doctor and dentist. But when it comes to an inner sense of self-love, nurture, fulfillment, joy, and participation in life, we often fall short. The ANAHATHA Test is a way to reset, come back to the truth and choose again!

Divine Download #3: ANAHATHA SHARES
Shares, stocks, dividends, profits. For a moment, think about the word “share” in the context of finance, and then bring it back to the spiritual aspect of wealth, abundance, and prosperity in the areas of our life such as happiness, peace, and joy. If we measured our “spiritual wealth” in terms of ANAHATHA SHARES, let me ask you, what is your SHARE Price? Just as stocks and shares, when they do well in the market, produce dividends which then provide profits and gains, when our ANAHATHA SHARE price rises, we receive an increased sense of joy, love, happiness, and peace. The GDP or Gross Domestic Product of a country is generally measured by how much profit they made by the goods sold. However the country Burma has a different plan to measure their GDP. They measure how successful their country is by not measuring their country’s GDP or cost of goods sold but instead by measuring what they call the “Happiness Quotient” of the people of their country. They base their methodology on the premise that in order to be wealthy, successful and profitable, one must first have the appropriate conditions for it. What could be more appropriate than having a populous that is happy, joyous and thriving emotionally? Would not a higher GDP be the most natural outcome of such people? This is the very concept of the ANAHATHA SHARE. To approach your life in a holistic and natural way for the higher awareness that will awaken the spiritual heart to remember who you really are, and to know the truth of who you are. When we increase and heighten this knowing we raise our ANAHATHA SHARE price, we receive the dividends of divine connection and the profits of peace and prosperity.

I believe in the divine timing of events and experiences in life. I believe that all is given to me, all is shown to me, at the right moment, when I am ready. All I need to do is to be open and willing to receive the messages that there are to be received. I trust that our connection, your presence here in my life as a reader or maybe more than that, is also divine. I respect you, and thank you, for being here and being on this journey.

It is only by raising our own individual vibration that there can be a collective shift and healing. We must first take radical responsibility for our own healing and transformation. Thank you for being here, being open and willing to do the work.


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