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September 26, 2017
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What Would You Have Me Do?


I wrote this “prayer” this morning. The words began pouring through as I was waking up, which seemed like at least an hour before even my alarm rang at 5:30….thank you for holding me in your love, light, and hearts….

What Would You Have Me Do?

Sometimes there is nothing more to do than surrender
Flipping, flopping, and floundering has no use
The struggle is useless
The suffering is pointless
All there is to do is surrender to the WILL of God
And ask a direct question – What Would You Have Me Do?

What would you have me do?
Because my mind is limited and not unconditioned and free from my own small thinking.
What may I do to be more miracle-minded, because that’s what I need today?    


What would you have me say?
Because the words that come out of this mouth are false when I am flustered with fear and terror and not receiving the purity of love that flows from you, my creator.
My words are not always kind as they are riddled with doubt and I begin questioning the very unfolding of your divine plan for me, my family, this nation, this world.


How would you have me live?
Because l know living in pain and sadness is not what you want for me, ever.
There is incredible grief, loss, sadness, and despair today.
What would you have me do dear God, that may bring solace to hurting hearts, healing to lives ripped apart?

Show me the way kind creator to the abundance of joy, love, happiness, and peace!

I need a miracle. I want a miracle. I am ready for a miracle.

Show me, God, as I am awakening, what would you have me do?




  1. Kerry Thomas says:

    Beautiful! Thank you.

  2. Anita DiBernardo Kirk says:

    Richa – Thank you for sharing this lovely prayer. This World is filled with so much confusion, sadness, hate and violence. There are so many Good & Kind people, hopefully, we still out-number the bad & evil. Hold your Family tighter today. Sending hugs & Love! Anita

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