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August 22, 2017
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A 3D World Worth Embracing

3D world

I have often heard people talk about this “3D World” we live in, where the 3 D’s stand for death, disaster, and destruction. That these are some of the inescapable truths of being alive if you will. I have also heard other “D words” interchanged with some of these, such as disease, devastation, deception or doom.

Wow, there are a lot of heavy D words, aren’t there?

If you have been reading my blogs for a while, it may come as no surprise to you, but this “3D” description of life as I know it, did not sit well with me, so instead I came up with my own version of a 3D world; one that I can rejoice in and am wholeheartedly willing to commit to and embrace. Want to know what that is?

Deliberate Divine Discovery

What if we looked at our “3D” world as an invitation for Deliberate Divine Discovery instead? What would that make available? When faced with challenges in life, past conditioning and belief systems may guide one down a weary and oft trodden path of fear, anger or pain. One might even feel sorry for oneself, or disappointed in others. But beyond this dark moment in time, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

When I think of this world, one’s life’s journey, the blessings of the people and relationships and children we have the honor and privilege knowing – what if our approach was deliberate, conscious, present? When we view people, encounter places, have new experiences, what if we could see them from the eyes of the inner divine self and not the conditioned or adapted self? What if we could view the divine, super-consciousness in our brothers and sisters, see them as a mirror, as a reflection of our consciousness? What if the mind could be in a state of inquiry, curiosity, discovery? What if the mind could be a blank canvas for the colors of this divine discovery to create its masterpiece and unfold as it should with the grace of an ever-loving God? What if we have been looking at our 3D world as a glass half empty more often than necessary? What if we shifted to the perspective of a glass half full?

Over and over again, this lesson appears in my own life. Viewing today through the lens of yesterday only reincarnates my past into my future. I would repeatedly attract the same lesson in my life, until, I totally free myself of past conditioning and old belief systems. Just because something happened in my life a long time ago, it doesn’t mean that my entire life needs to be tainted. It is the past, it is not a life sentence.

The 3D (Deliberate Divine Discovery) Seeker is present, curious and committed to learning. This 3D life is one filled with wonder, love, and access to peace and joy. Between worlds of extremes, this 3D Seeker holds a space that allows for it all, laughter, tears, compassion, forgiveness and love.

Knowing what is possible with this approach to a 3D life, how will you choose to look at your world?


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