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July 11, 2017
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July 28, 2017
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Really, there’s nowhere to GO

nowhere to go

When will you be happy? When you have a better job? When you have saved enough for retirement? When your children have flown the nest?

Where will you find inner peace? Painting landscapes of the countryside? Traveling the world? Meditating in the Himalayan mountains?

What will make you love unconditionally? When everyone that has wronged you has atoned for their misdeeds? When you are “ready”, truly “ready”?

What if I told you that all you needed to know is already in you? That your peace, love, happiness, joy are already primed and ready, awaiting your noticing. There is nowhere to go really! Your inner peace is already here, ready and waiting for you to turn your attention inwards. Unconditional love is right here, right now, yours for the taking.

You really don’t need another road sign or mystical message from the Universe to nudge you on your path or show you what your next step needs to be. If you pause to listen, truly listen to your inner divine, you will be with the answer. There is literally no finding, searching or seeking. There is just awakening. Closing your two eyes to the outside world, where you look for answers, for validation, or justifications. Open your two eyes instead on the inside and see the sacred sanctuary of peace, love, and compassion within you.

There is NOWHERE TO GO, really! All that you have been seeking is already here. How can your next step be far away from you? It is here already, even if it is to simply stay still for now.

Moving from pillar to post in a frantic frenzy, from one neighborhood to another, one relationship to another, one job to another. Surprising fact – wherever you go, there you are. What goes with you is not just your physical body, but all of the emotional and mental thought patterns as well. You may run from city to city, but you can’t hide from that which is always with you, always IN you. There really is nowhere to go.

The fact that there is nowhere to go is quite a relief actually. Something to take a deep breath and settle in with. If there is truly NOWHERE to go then why not pause and cherish this present moment right here, right now? If awakening to this present moment is what it’s going to take then why not do just that?

Really, there’s nowhere to go but within. I invite you to go within and be with the limitlessness of your own being, own your unlimited potential. And if by chance you were waiting for a sign from the universe, then this is it – now just go live your life and love your life to the fullest!


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