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May 16, 2017
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May 30, 2017
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The Fibers of Your Being


This past weekend I attended a felting workshop with a wonderful group of women called WOW – Women of Wisdom! I met artists, healers, creative entrepreneurs and women from all walks of life. We made a sacred cloth with natural and dyed sheep fibers. Assembling the fibers and transforming them into a piece of fabric was a tactile meditation in itself. It gifted me the opportunity to use my fingers, handling fibers so delicately and arranging them in the way that my piece of sacred cloth could look the way I wanted it to look!

I was compelled to go with something in the shape of a heart and one fiber at a time the fabric came to life. First I laid down the foundation or the base layer. Then I built on that, fiber by fiber, color by color. I could choose whatever color and create whatever I wanted with simply those fibers, my fingers, and my imagination.

It is hard to put into words how profound this experience was for me, it was nothing short of a cathartic meditation, all while delicately handling one fiber at a time.

I remembered that in my book, “Coming Home to the Heart”, which I published a year ago, I wrote, “Our lives are woven together by the fabric of our experiences…”, this was 9 years ago, long before I had heard of felting or met Lisa. Now I would say that our life is created by the fibers of our very being. The quality of our presence, how we choose the fibers that we lay on the base fabric, the foundation of our lives, how we choose to build our life, all those choices create the life we manifest. So the question is how are we choosing?

In my blog last week I asked you a few questions at the end regarding clearing your life of all that no longer serves you so you can have an open space to fertilize and sow the seeds of your deepest desires and dreams. Just like arranging the fibers to create a sacred cloth, our life is constructed by us, it is a sacred act of love, intention and deliberate choosing. We have the privilege, the honor and the responsibility to create our best life.

We have been given our base layer, our foundation, this life, and our gifts and talents. We are already on our way. How we choose to manifest this masterpiece, the unique creation that is our life’s legacy is up to us. But we must first bring our presence, pause, and power to it.

As you pause and process, consider the following sentence as a framework to hold a space for you or use it as an affirmation…

“I clean and clear my life of the past experiences and people that no longer serve me on my journey and in this open space I consciously lay fibers and create my sacred life”

You are constructing the masterpiece which is your life – how will you choose the fibers to create your sacred cloth? Can you take a moment and {pause} right now and see yourself intentionally and deliberately laying one fiber at a time to manifest your best life?

How will it feel to have such a life?

Take a moment right now and share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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