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May 5, 2016
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May 9, 2016
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The Daily Pause #15

Even walking 10 paces can be a mindful meditation. Notice as you lift your foot, place it down, move forward, switch feet and lift your other foot and repeat. All along breathing consciously, eyes gently focusing on an arbitrary point somewhere in front of you. In these few breaths you can alter the quality of your presence. This is meditation. This is mindfulness.

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  1. kash badami says:

    This is really cool! I would never have thought of this as meditation.

    • Richa Badami says:

      The beauty of mindfulness is that it can be practiced in all of our day-to-day, simple, supposedly mundane tasks. It isn’t some big chore….it becomes effortless when you ask what am I focusing on now?

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