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November 3, 2015
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December 1, 2015
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Pain is an Ambassador for Peace

Ever try just focusing on all that’s not so great in life? Did it help? That’s the thing–focusing on what doesn’t work in our life never makes things better, in fact it makes it worse. It’s as if we are inviting more of what doesn’t work by placing our attention on that, analysing that, trying to make sense of that. Instead consider this–all the stuff that’s not great, or is yucky, bad, painful and frustrating, what if all of that was the gateway to something else? Something like joy, peace, happiness?

Anger and pain seldom look like peace, much less do they feel like it. However beyond the negative emotion, through self-healing and love, you find yourself at the threshhold of something altogether new–peace. I like to call it the silence after the storm.



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