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October 21, 2014
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Are You Too Busy to Feel?

We all have that one particular friend or relative that, when invited out to dinner or to a family get-together, is always “too busy”. We hear this all the time, and maybe have even used this excuse ourselves to get out of an undesirable situation once or twice. But we’ve got to take a step back and ask ourselves, what exactly do we mean by “busy”?

In my mind there are two kinds of “busy”. There is a legitimate type of busy where life is evolving around you at break-neck speed and you are doing your level best to keep up. Many of us have children, run businesses, are active in our communities and churches…pair all of that with the day-to-day tasks of running a household, caring for automobiles and lawns, and simply making sure everyone has clean clothing and food and you have the makings of a pretty busy day, I agree.


The second type of busy is what I call “optional busy”. This type of busy is where we consciously choose to remain engaged in “life” so as to avoid being alone or having moments of solitude where we come face to face with the reality of our life. For some, these moments may cause them discomfort or pain, yet they are still vital to our journey towards becoming the person we were truly meant to be…our authentic self. This type of busy allows us to remain numb to the very experiences in life that are put there to teach us the vaulable lessons we need to learn to become our true selves.

Both types of busy that I have mentioned have become an acceptable way of life in our society. If we are not “busy” we may be considered lazy by some. If you’re not passing yourself coming and going, you are not “living life” or “siezing every opportunity that comes your way”. The truth of the matter is, what you are really not doing is feeling.

Years ago I used to work for a mortgage company. One of our tag lines was “We are an equal opportunity lender.” When I began my work in meditation, I realized that in order to truly live a full and authentic life, one needs to “feel everything”. So I guess you can say I went from promoting equal opportunity lending to equal opportunity feeling. 

When we become so invloved in the “stuff” of life that we don’t take a moment to pause, meditate, breathe, and acknowledge our inner spirit, we miss out on connecting with ourselves. One of the most powerful gifts we have been given comes in the form of emotions. When we take time to feel absolutely everything…the good stuff, the bad stuff, the in-between stuff…we can experience our joys more joyfully. Everything around us becomes more vibrant and fulfilling…blissful! It’s like taking the blinders off of our eyes and coming face to face with a beautiful rainbow. “Equal opportunity for all emotions” is something I always say. 

I encourage you to make an effort this week to become less busy. Give yourself permission to carve out some time in your day to reconnect with yourself. Meditate, read, listen to relaxing music, write in your journal, take a walk…whatever it may be for you personally that brings you closer to your emotions and allows you an opportunity to feel the wonderful blessings you are being given on this journey we call life. I assure you, you will think twice before using the phrase “too busy” again.

Sacred Affirmations for this moment:

I acknowledge the times when I allow events in life to take away my ability to become present in the moment.

I forgive myself for becoming wrapped up in life and for not giving myself time to feel things fully.

I give myself permission to pause, meditate, breathe, and focus on feeling everything in my life.

I am a glorious being and deserve to have time away from everything to reconnect with my inner spirit.


Take a few moments to reflect on these thoughts, share and discuss this blog. Your insights could help another reader, so don’t hold back, share the love. Tell me what you think? What were you present to when you read this article, Are You Too Busy to Feel? I am so honored that you spent time in this sacred space with me. You make a difference in the Universe, always remember that! Now don’t hold back, speak your truth! The Universe is listening…..!


Richa xoxox

Richa Badami is a transformation leader, meditation teacher, spiritual coach and mentor. She inspires her clients and students to create lasting transformation and success by leveraging their inner power. Her private and group programs have helped hundreds heal, transform and powerfully create lives that they love! To receive Richa’s podcast, videos and blogs delivered right to your mailbox, subscribe to her bi-weekly newsletter “The Pause”. For media inquiries send email to


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