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Fishing In The Rain

The monsoon season in India, like snow days here in DC, would sometimes result in unexpected but always welcome days off from school. My older brother and I, with no plans for the day, no camp, day care or sitter would sit on the edge of our home’s balcony stairs waiting for the water to rise as it flooded the streets and the yard all around the house. It was impossible to leave to go to the local arcade or to play with the neighbors kids even. But we found a way of entertaining ourselves. 

First we made paper boats, plenty of them. We set our ships to sail on to the muggy waters that were rising around us. Occasionaly sticks, twigs, leaves and even trash like paper and wrappers would flow out from the neighboring open trash cans. We would grab on to a stick or two and begin fishing in the rain, for trash! It was more like catch and release, of course.

One way or another without complaining we found a way to stay busy and occupied making some wonderful memories and having a great time. These unexpected “pauses” and days off from school were always fun and never boring. But the number of times my kids say “I am bored” given the volume of toys, books, electronics and unlimited media content available to them is astonishing. 

Kids nowadays are accustomed to the constant stimulus and I often hear them saying, “what are we doing next?” or “where are we going now?”. I find that they are unable to rest in the space of the unknown and constantly need something to hook the mind on. I know they weren’t this way when they were new born – I remember the days they would just look out of the window and giggle, look around, explore their world. The simplicity of not knowing and yet knowing all that needed to be known is remarkable. 

We were just like them once, also dwelling in our littles bodies revelling in the wonder of our new world. Over time, with the busyness of our own lives and the umbilical cord that has now formed with technology and devices, we too have slowly lost our connection to the once slow, deliberate pace of living.

Now when I sometimes sit on my back porch and watch the rain pouring down I am reminded of the simpler times when my brother and I just made those paper boats and spent our day fishing in the rain. The next time it rains, although it may not flood around our house, I hope to spend some time with my girls so we can play in the rain, make paper boats and let them glide across on the puddles as we float into a simpler, yet richer experience of our life together.

Sacred Affirmations for this moment:

I pause and notice my world

Empty and nothing are opportunities to start something new

I choose the simplicity of not knowing everything and knowing enough that I need to know

I cut the umbilical cord to distractions and create my life consicously

Take a few moments to reflect on these thoughts, share and discuss this blog. Your insights could help another reader, so don’t hold back, share the love. Tell me what you think? What were you present to when you read this article, Fishing in the Rain? I am so honored that you spent time in this sacred space with me. You make a difference in the Universe, always remember that! Now don’t hold back, speak your truth! The Universe is listening…..!


Richa xoxox

Richa Badami is a transformation leader, meditation teacher, spiritual coach and mentor. She inspires her clients and students to create lasting transformation and success by leveraging their inner power. Her private and group programs have helped hundreds heal, transform and powerfully create lives that they love! To receive Richa’s podcast, videos and blogs delivered right to your mailbox, subscribe to her bi-weekly newsletter “The Pause”. For media inquiries send email to support@RichaBadami.com

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