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Pause for Power: Create the Life you Love

Pause for Power – Create the Life You Love is a collection of original, life-changing meditations presented by personal transformation coach and meditation teacher Richa Badami.

Richa’s soothing voice paired with the relaxing music composed by Jim Cash creates an environment that takes the listener beyond their current surroundings and into a place of inner awareness.

Each meditation is specifically designed to focus on one of three key areas in our lives: gratitude, finding the diamond within ourselves, and embracing the fountain of creativity that dwells inside each of us. Richa gently guides listeners along the path of complete relaxation step by step, so even those new to the practice of meditation will benefit greatly. Using fundamental meditation techniques such as breathing and visualization, Richa takes her listeners on a personal journey towards the discovery of their unique purpose in the Universe and helps them connect with themselves on a deeply profound level.

For your convenience, each meditation is offered separately as a digital download for $4.99 or, if you choose, you may download the entire album for $9.99 and save! Click on a meditation below to hear a sample.

Come along with us on a journey of self-exploration, discovery, and transformation through the practice of meditation.


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