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August 12, 2014
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Can I Touch God?

She had just turned five a week ago. I look in my rear view mirror and see my daughter buckled in her booster seat stretching her arm as though trying to reach the front of the car and she says, “Can I touch God?”….!!! My first reaction was “Huh, what did you say?” And she asked again, “Can I touch God?”…My daughters have asked me many interesting questions before, but this one, by far, takes the cake.

So, like any parent who doesn’t have the answer to their child’s question, I asked a new question, “Where do you think God is my darling?”. She said, “God is in our heart”. “God is in our hearts? That’s right! So all we need to do to touch God and be with God is close our eyes and find him within us, right?” She looked back at me through the rear view mirror with her big black eyes taking a minute to digest what had just been said, and then looked out of her window. The next thing out of her mouth? “When we get home, can I watch the Disney Channel?”. And we moved on with our day.

I am amazed by the innocent and pure connection that children have to the truth. They ask such clear questions and once they get the answer they are on their way. I don’t think in the four plus decades of my life if I have ever pondered if I could touch God. I have wondererd where he was when I was down, why he abandoned me in my biggest hour of need, I’ve also thanked and celebrated him in the moments of joy, success and happiness. But I have never seen such a concrete or tangible image of myself with God – as real as to be able to touch him.

To be able to touch God, well that would make him more than merely the idea of a supernatural, omniscient and omnipresent force and energy in the world. That would require his presence to be palpable? To touch God, would that mean being in the same space as him? Do I believe I am worthy of that intimate and close a connection to him?

The image of Michael Angelo’s Creation of Adam comes to mind where God and Adam are reaching out to one but don’t actually touch. Although there are many interpretations of this painting, the one that strikes me is that Michael Angelo portrays that God made man in his image, in the likeness of himself. If that be the case then God is after all in us.

This conversation with my five-year-old helps me “re”-view my relationship to that divine and cosmic aspect called God, the force or the Universe.

Sacred Affirmations for this moment:

I bow to the God Self that resides within me

I can touch God when I close my eyes and get present to my inner self

I am grateful for the grace and beauty in my life

God is an ever present force in my life guiding me on my journey

Take a few moments to reflect on these thoughts, share and discuss this blog. Your insights could help another reader, so don’t hold back, share the love. Tell me what you think? What were you present to when you read this article, Can I Touch God? I am so honored that you spent time in this sacred space with me. You make a difference in the Universe, always remember that! Now don’t hold back, speak your truth! The Universe is listening…..!


Richa xoxox

Richa Badami is a transformation leader, meditation teacher, spiritual coach and mentor. She inspires her clients and students to create lasting transformation and success by leveraging their inner power. Her private and group programs have helped hundreds heal, transform and powerfully create lives that they love! To receive Richa’s podcast, videos and blogs delivered right to your mailbox, subscribe to her bi-weekly newsletter “The Pause”. For media inquiries send email to

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