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June 30, 2014
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July 15, 2014
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My Interview With Steve Dorfman

Do you feel powerful in your business? Where does that power come from? Do you bring that power to your business intentionally? 

Richa sat down with friend and Driven to Excel founder and CEO, Steve Dorfman, to answer a few of these tough questions. Steve is also the host of the show “We Mean Business” where he interviews business executives, subject matter experts, and authors who give insight into just what it takes to build a successful business and life. 

Steve Dorfman is quite the acomplished businessman having earned the title “Salesman of the Year” 7 consecutive years! Steve’s mission in business is to “Inspire others to be a hero…for their customers and clients.” Richa shares her philosophies on gratitude, being present, simplicity, and her ever-popular Pause in this interview. She also opens up about what she thinks about people who consider her work “fluff”. 


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