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June 5, 2014
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June 17, 2014
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Do Affirmations Really Work?

Do affirmations really work? Can standing in the mirror reciting one affirmation after another truly attract positive things to your life as the Law of Attraction suggests?

 The answer is yes…BUT simply going through the physical motions of reciting or writing down your affirmations is not enough. In order for affirmations to truly help you reach your full potential, you need to develop a sense of inner awareness.

Ask yourself, “Are there negative things that are going on in my life or in my mind that are actually sabotaging my ability to attract what I want in my life?” If the answer is yes then it’s time for you to Pause for some personal reflection; discover who you are and why you are who you are. These discoveries will help bring down the walls that are blocking the power of affirmations in your life, and will allow you to better and more effectively use affirmations to create the success you desire.


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