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Steve Dorfman | Feb 2014

dorfman withlogo
dorfman withlogo

About Steve Dorfman and Driven to Excel

Since 2006 leaders have come to Steve Dorfman to create – or reinvigorate – their company’s customer service culture, via leadership consulting and staff training. His highly interactive talks and training programs are designed to educate, engage, and develop front-line staff. Client engagements result in:

  • “Employee-owned” remarkable experiences for customers and clients
  • Consistent referral business, and;
  • Repeat customer loyalty

As you might imagine, all of this all translates into a strengthened culture and increased profits! To find out more about Steve visit his website at www.driventoexcel.com.



Pause For Power Interview

blank2During our Pause For Power luncheon Richa had an opportunity to interview Steve Dorfman, an expert in helping his clients create raving fans. As the Customer Experience Officer (CEO) of his company Driven To Excel, Steve offers consulting, coaching and speaking to name a few of his services.



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