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March 4, 2014
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March 18, 2014
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Like The River I Flow

Lately, I’ve been present, very present to the likeness of my journey to that of a river. I rise and I fall, but I flow. I bump into rocks and dams, but I thrust forward, over and above the boulders, as though shattering their resolve to stop me. My boldness just tough enough to overcome the opponent. 

Like a river, I change course if I have to, I split into two or more, but I keep flowing. I let go, wishing those parts of me farewell, no longer on my journey, and I tarry on, I keep fllowing.

Like a river, I find myself sometimes gushing uninhibited, but also sometimes calm, almost still, with infinitesimal movement. The world, the weather, the air – they all affect me.

Who is this that chooses to flow along with me for a while? Who are the co-travelers with whom I have a journey to share? I take all that I am and all that I have to support and guide them to their destination.

Like a river, I also feel held, very held by the banks on either side of me. They help me stay my course, contain my energy, be purposeful and authentic, revel in my true nature. These river banks in my life fill my cup every day. I can close my eyes and in a moment I can transform my state, like that, when I get present to how safe and loved I feel. 

Some days I wonder, where am I going? The answer comes back, it’s in you to flow and move, so flow and move. There are days I wonder, why is this who I am? And the answer comes back, you are here to give something to the world, so give it. So I flow and move and give the journey all that I am and all that I have. And it feels good.

Thank you for flowing with me….

What are you present to right now? Who are you being? What inspires you? What is your true nature?

As always, please share your thoughts and comments in the section below and than you for your readership.

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