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February 25, 2014
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March 11, 2014
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Intentionality Is The Cornerstone Of Success

My husband introduced me to a blog called The Minimalists. Have you heard of them? I read their blog “There Will Be Bruises” and subscribed to it immediately. I don’t believe in coincidences, and don’t believe The Minimalists have crossed my path by accident. Let me share why I say this.

This year I have been making some big choices and significant moves. My life, both personal and professional are going through a transformation. Like I always say, transformation is like peeling an onion, it happens in layers. Well, uncovering these layers has been very exciting for me! At work, I have been delivering my message about transformation, healing and compassion with the world with more clarity and discipline than I ever have before. At home, my husband and I have decided to build a new home this year, which has been a conscious and deliberate process. But like The Minimalists say, there will be bruises, and I couldn’t agree more.

At my recent Pause For Power Luncheon, where I interviewed my guest Steve Dorfman (with me in the pic above), an expert on the subject of “Impeccability”, we discussed how intentionality is the cornerstone of success. When people think of impeccability, the mind thinks perfection. But what Steve teaches is that impeccability is not a destination (like perfection), it’s a journey. It’s not about where you are going, but about where you are coming from!

We do ourselves a disservice by aiming for perfection. Intentionality and where we are coming from on the other hand changes the landscape of how we not only experience events in our life but what we end up making of them. These cumulative moments of intentionality and presence eventually lead to a successful and fulfilling life both personally and professionally. 

I have to remember that just like “the pause” intentionality and impeccability are something I have to “practice”. I continue to help people create lasting transformation and success in their life, both in their business and personal lives. Personally too, my husband and I are being very intentional at every step of our home building process, being mindful and consicous to create the home we will love to live in come the fall this year. Like Steve says, impeccability is where you are coming from, and it can be in every area of your life. Whether it’s interacting with your customer, employer, family or significant other. And the best way to practice impeccability in your life is by taking a pause. Without taking the moment to get present and see where you are coming from, an impeccable life will be tough to come by and let alone live.

But remember, intentionality is not about being perfect. Consciously creating your life doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, there will be bruises. As long as you are clear about the space you are coming from, you will always be moving towards manifesting your dreams, goals and desires. 

Do you find yourself just jumping into things, going with the flow and taking things on that come your way?

Do you find yourself waiting for the right opportunity until things are “perfect”?

Are you willing to be intentional, consciously create your success and future and be ok with a few bumps along the way?

I wish you much success in your life and hope that you always celebrate your journey in every way possible. As always, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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