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Participate In Simply Forgive

Become a Forgiveness Ambassador (FA)

  • The FA takes on the purpose of Simply Forgive fully and shares, enrolls & registers everyone they can to share their AOF (Acts of Forgiveness) using one of the methods below.
  • All FA’s names will be listed on the website
  • FA’s can promote Simply Forgive on their websites, social media and via email to their communities.
  • FA’s are encouraged to register anywhere from 100 to 10,000 AOF.

Be a Forgiveness Champion
Help Project Simply Forgive in fundraising to $5000 by October 23, 2013.

Be a Forgiveness Hero
Share your story / journey of Forgiveness that will be shared via blog, social media and on the website.


Ways to Register your Acts Of Forgiveness (AOF): All AOF’s MUST be tracked and measured!

Upload a video or dropbox an mp4 file (more details to follow)
Upload an audio or dropbox an mp3 file (more details to follow)
Send an Email to SimplyForgive@Gmail.com
Post on the Simply Forgive FaceBook Page
Tweet with #SimplyForgive @RichaBadami (so AOF can be tracked and measured)
Send via mail to 20935 Glenburn Ter, Ashburn, VA 20147

Forgiveness is the portal to happiness and peace. You can experience life and live to your fullest potential when you have truly forgiven. You then become open, alive and ready to receive healing and the amazing grace of love and compassion.

Benefits of Forgiveness:
Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
Community, nation, planet
Microcosm – Macrocosm
Individual Consciousness – Collective Consciousness

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