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July 20, 2013
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August 6, 2013
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I Want My Mommy!

Our Desire To Be Loved Never Goes Away

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how old you get, we as human beings never tire of being loved on. Case in point – I have been under the weather for a few days. It’s not all that bad but it took a little toll on me. When it came to getting myself out of bed to get a bite to eat I remembered my Mommy and felt choked up, meaning (for all you Chakra un-initiated) a little sadness overcame me. This was one of those moments that I wish I could have her unconditional, nurturing love. And I could have used it right then and there. But alas, she lives 20,000 miles away. 

We as human beings also do a good job of masking our true feelings, don’t we? Instead of sharing what we need to feel loved we instead play the tough one to “get over it”! Instead of getting present to our vulnerability we say, “I don’t need help! I can do it all on our own!!” Right!!

My mother may be 20,000 miles away physically but my relationship with her is so alive and kickin’ that even thinking of WWMD (What Would Mommy Do and not Weapons Of Mass Destruction) makes me want to love and take care of myself and have just one cookie (only because I am sick). Hey, wait till I share my cookie journey with you (thanks to Danielle Omar).

Trust me, I speak from planet BeenThereDoneThat and I come in peace! It takes a village. Let me say that again, it takes a village. Yes – a village. Here’s what I have learnt over the years…

1. Be Empowered By Your Circle Of Loves

Once upon a not-so-long-time ago, I thought I could do it all and be it all by my own big kahuna self. Asking for help or letting it be “known” that I might need help was so out of the realm of possibility that I would have rather swallowed frog legs. Ok, I wouldn’t do that, but I would definitely pretend that there was nothing wrong and that I wasn’t deep in it. You know what I am talking about, yes?

And then, many moons of wisdom later (is there such a thing? Well, now there is!), I had a breakthrough that the reason I was rejecting help and support was that I was equating it to “I am not good enough”, “I am weak” and “If I let them help me, what will they want from me in return?”(with one eyebrow raised).

Beeeeep, beeeeeep…..Earth to Richa, Earth to Richa…..!!! (I lived on planet I’mNotGoodEnough then, just stay with me, ok?)

(Bollywood Disclaimer: From time to time, I do get a little filmy and dramatic, it’s just who I am!)

Lightning flash – transformation – thunder and rain – heart opens – I shift – I don’t see myself as weak, not good enough or suspicious of other’s when they offer their helping hand!!! Woohoo!!! Pretty cool to shed painful stuff that was doing me no good no more.

Today I have an amaaaaaaaaazing cirlce of LOVES! Numero uno my husband of course who totally took care of me this week while I craved Mommy! My kids and my amazing in-laws (who in fact were watching my kids all week making my recovery much easier), my parents, bros and sis-in-laws AND my awesome coolest BFF’s Lisa Messano, Mina Fies, Nicol Pomeroy and Danielle Omar. In fact the crazy thing is that all these people I am mentioning may not have even KNOWN I was feeling down in the dumps – but merely my thinking of them and drawing on their love for me filled me with love and helped in my healing. Get what I’m saying? 

Today I am able to be in the space of feeling empowered to not only LOVE others but to also RECEIVE the LOVE the Universe (via my Cirlce) is sending my way! My cirlce is waaaaay big now and I both send and receive lovey dovey rays all the time!

So are you empowered by your circle of Loves?

Do you feel Loved on?

2. Love On YOU Yourself

I say this often, and so I will say this again – “YOU are the first GIFT you received from the Universe. Honor and LOVE YOURSELF and you LOVE and HONOR the Universe that created YOU, the unique YOU with all your gifts, talents and blessings.”

The old me felt that she didn’t deserve to love, honor or take care of herself because no one else was loving her. ONLY if someone ELSE loved her would she think she deserved to speak of herself as not being such a low life, crappy, dirty girl. What the old me did NOT realize was that UNTIL I held those beliefs about me, that I was a low life, crappy and dirty girl – there was no way on God’s green earth that ANYONE was EVER going to even WANT to come around me!! 

Chicken or the egg, which one, just TELL ME PLEEEEASE!!!

So – no need for drama or Bollywood here – it’s plain to see – YOU have GOT to LOVE you FIRST, baby!

First ME-LOVE, then LOVE-ME – NOT the other way around!! Get me?? It just doesn’t work. Remember Planet BeenThereDoneThat? Yep.

So I love myself now with the lifestyle choices I make. I work with Danielle Omar for my Diet & Nutrition, I work with a personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness, I have a spiritual practice and I continue to learn and grow and have accountability partners, coaches and mentors to help me follow through on the word I give not only to others but above all to myself – the most important one of them all. I am living it and loving it.


Are you in ME-LOVE zone or LOVE-ME zone?

3. Grow LOVE Miracles

There’s love we could ask for and there’s love we could give ourselves. But there’s another kind of love that you can find if you are open to receiving it and it’s MIRACLE LOVE!! If you could stay open to the limitless possibilities of love in your life – whether it be in the sunshine or rain, night or day, in the smile of a child or in the polite greeting from a stranger. Wouldn’t that create more opportunities to raise the LOVE quotient in your life?

But wait, life doesn’t always work with children smiling and happy cashiers at the grocery store. Trust me (BeenThereDoneThat), I have 3 kids, 9, 7 and 4…..they are not always giving me smiles, please and thank you’s. There’s a whole lot of you know what that goes on around kids, grocery lines, traffic, at the job, at the home and every where in between. You get the picture.

How can you and I create a possibility for Miracle Love to Grow when there seems like there is NO WAY in &#^^ that what just happened could be a good thing! What if we took every sour grape and turned it into wine (wine experts this is just metaphorical, please don’t get literal). What if in the face of adversity we instead took it as an opportunity to {Pause} and {Breathe} and turn what would have been normal for the old self, which was “give it back” into instead a smile back, or an “it’s ok, don’t worry about it” or “I hope you feel better”. Why give the cashier, the traffic or weather so much power in our lives that they rob us of our ability to Grow LOVE Miracles. And as for the little chilluns!! Personally, I don’t negotiate with terrorists, no matter their size – do you?

Where do you see the opportunity in your life to Grow LOVE Miracles?

Do you feel like you are a LOVE Miracle yourself?

So I don’t care if your 8 or 88, you are always going to desire to be LOVED on – so do yourself a favor, love yourself first but after that – go get some and stay open to growing LOVE miracles!!

Sacred Affirmations for this moment:

I am empowered by my cirlce of LOVES

I am in the ME-LOVE zone

I attract and Grow LOVE Miracles

I live in an abundant, LOVING Universe that takes care of my body, mind and spirit!

Take a few moments to reflect on these thoughts, share and discuss this blog. Your insights could help another reader, so don’t hold back, share the love. Tell me what you think? What were you present to when you read this article, I Want My Mommy? I am so honored that you spent time in this sacred space with me. You make a difference in the Universe, always remember that! Now don’t hold back, speak your truth! The Universe is listening…..!


Richa xoxox

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