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May 10, 2013
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May 10, 2013
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Focus me to think about and confront issues I otherwise would not have. Got me away from work.
– Jim K., Attorney

Yes. Very valuable. It made me look at things I never give myself the opportunity to think about. It also opened my eyes to the different experiences that other people have gone through.
– Melissa A., Sales Executive

I’ve recently found clarity in some difficult decisions and I came to solidify them. I ended up letting go of many of the associated stresses.
– Maria N., Marketing Executive

Time for me. Warm, comfortable accommodations.
– Alexa T., Business Owner

Extremely valuable experience. It was the space and support I needed to face some difficult issues. Extremely healthy vegetarian food, with several choices and it was beautifully prepared.
– Andy S., Social Media Marketing

This experience allowed me to verbalize a major issue that I feel has been holding back my health and spiritual well-being. The food added comfort to the healing process and was wonderful.
– John Z., Business Owner

I enjoyed the time in silence… get in touch with that silence and get in touch with my inner voice
– Wendy G., I AM Retreat 2010 participant

I learned there was more to me than I thought there was. I didn’t expect to connect to the parts of me that I didn’t even know were closed off. People should do a retreat if there’s something they’ve been reaching for but can’t quite figure out why they can’t get there – or if they just want to know more about themselves. This has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve been through. It was enlightening, traumatic and what I really needed without even realizing it. 

– Jenn M., I AM Retreat 2010 participant

I thought it would be a nice cabin in the woods, but I didn’t expect Keyser Ridge to be this beautiful and have such a great energy center. I can see myself returning to retreats here for years to come. Got a chance to connect with myself on a level I had not done before.
Mina F., I AM Retreat 2010 participant

The biggest thing I learned was that I had the answer, I just needed the space to find it. I leave here ready to go forward and connect with people in my life that mean something to me – before this retreat I wasn’t equipped to do that. I have found a sense of peace I don’t think I’ve every had…even in childhood.
– Christiane R., I AM Retreat 2010 participant

I became more at peace with myself and learned tools I can use back in the real world. I saw a lot of people’s walls that they put up to keep people out come down – there was a lot of trust and this was a safe place to explore those emotions they’ve held back for so many years. I learned some of the things that have been holding me back. I gained a peace of mind and learned how to listen to my inner self. – Paige K., I AM Retreat 2010 & Inner Power 2011 participant

I discovered unexpected things about myself – Karen McB.

I stepped outside of my comfort zone SEVERAL times & survived! How great to be OK to focus on me – thank you! Even picked up a few great recipe and health food tips 🙂 Liked meditations & what I learned about me. – Susan S.

This experience provided the perfect balance of challenge, self-exploration, community building and authentic loving support. It was truly liberating and essential for my growth as a human being – Nicki P.

I got rid of negatives. Absorbed positives. – Randy F

It was confirming the healing work I have been doing. Letting go. I opened me to letting go of more and finding peace with what is. It inspired me to move forward with the magnificent path before me. I am thankful. – Elizabeth R

It was everything I hope for, it did a good job of making me think about myself. – Michael B

I feel a shift in my life and this weekend has been very helpful in my change. – Anonymous

It opened up my eyes that I’m not the only one out on that ledge dealing with these internal struggles. I faced my inner demons and surrendered to the message that was trying to speak to me. – Kristin T

It gave me time to slow down. It was great to think about these dimensions in my life. – Marcy B

It was a well needed break and valuable education. I am leaving here empowered! – Jenny S

Yes! Loved the silence. Time to get quiet and listen. Had to face myself. No more hiding. – Cathy W

I didn’t realize I need to forgive myself in order to create the space to be able to open myself up to the next levels. – Julie B

It is a powerful way to heal and transform – Laura M

I found it valuable beyond words! I am leaving feeling so uplifted, filled with love and gratitude – what more can I say!!! – Suzanne B

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