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May 10, 2013
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May 10, 2013
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Personal Sanctuary : Exclusive Retreats

If you have no time to wait around and want to dive into deep spiritual waters with me right away then the Personal Sanctuary Exclusive Retreat is the way to go. In these customized and extended one-on-one sessions you will share deeply, work intensely and create the life you love.

You will be met where you are on your journey of transformation. Whether you are brand new to meditation or an established practitioner, I will be your partner in guiding and helping you get to the next level. Based on your unique needs I will create a customized strategy for you so you have a plan in place to continue to work on yourself and develop yourself spiritually.

You are probably someone who is committed, eager and ready to take the next steps on their spiritual journey and ready to “walk the talk”. Get ready to manifest the life you have been desiring. As an Exclusive Retreat client you will receive:

● a personalized action plan for you to manifest your intentions for your life
● a variety of breathing techniques and meditation downloads
● introspective homework and worksheets to help you delve deeper in your areas of focus
● unlimited access to me via email
● a complimentary 30 minute follow up call you could use at any time

I will help you create simple, easy to implement and practical ways to have the spiritual meditation practice that you have been wanting. As a result of this you will live your best life ever – an empowered life full of self-expression, love and aliveness!

Our sessions will be held over Skype (unless you are in the Washington, D.C area and want to meet in person). You will receive a link for us to schedule our time together as soon as you register for your session.

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