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July 17, 2012
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November 26, 2012
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Delusion, Denial, DETOX.

This past April I participated in a 21-day “Clean Eating Detox” Program with Danielle Omar. I had just come back from the Anahatha Love and Aliveness Weekend Retreat and already felt like I was in a great place. I thought to myself, “What do I need to do a 21-day detox for? I already feel great!”. And as I said that I realized, being whole and balanced in Body, Mind and Spirit was not just about conscious breath and meditation. I still had old lurking habits around food that I knew I wanted to change. I knew I wanted to reinforce better behavior and instill Conscious + Confident Eating Habits in my life.

Enter Danielle Omar, M.S, R.D and her 21-day “Clean Eating Detox” Program.

During her 21-day Clean Eating Detox Program, Danielle shared a wealth of information about healthy food alternatives, grocery shopping, organic produce, supplements, smoothies, mindset and more. I learnt:

• How to balance my plate to ensure I was getting all the right nutrients in my meal

• What supplements were right for me

• How to maintain a Clean Eating Lifestyle

• How to make guilt free desserts and enjoy protien bars

• Great recipes for Greens Smoothies and so much more…..

Since the Detox my family has had a profound transformation around food and Danielle has helped widen our choices with healthy, guilt free recipes for my husband (who is diabetic), my three kids (8, 6 and 3) and I. She has become our Food Confidence Mentor and my family is now used to hearing me start sentences with, “Danielle says…” often in the kitchen or at the dining table!

So, that was then and NOW – I am going to repeat her Fall Detox Program that starts in a week. You might have heard me talk about “peeling the onion” in the transformation work. I am now about to peel back layers of my programming around food and my inner dialog about self-love. If you didn’t know this already, they are one and the same! More about that coming in the next blog!

I have decided to write a series of personal blogs during this Detox Encore. I will be sharing insights about my own personal delusions and denial around food and my journey with Detox, healing and becoming whole.

Check out more about Danielle on her lovely Food Confidence Website.

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