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March 27, 2012
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Death. What’s Up With That?

It’s only May and 2012 has already taught me so much. It has brought so much wonderment, vulnerability and presence into my life. I am humbled by the limitless abundance in the Universe as it continues to lovingly nudge me along on my journey. I feel the Universe’s spiritual presence so deeply in this moment. I know I am not alone, I am supported. I am grateful.

April 25th 2012 arrived with news that my 88 year old grandmother, my Nanima, had passed away. She was my dearest, sweetest soul mate and friend and always will be. What I experienced in grieving her passing was so intense and profound as I connected with the energy sans her physical, material body and state of being. My pain, sadness and grief was intensified every time I remembered her touch, voice, physical presence, smile and her jokes. When I connected with her spirit I felt peace, love and blessings.

This was new for me. This was fresh. Practicing the meditations and connecting with the energies has always been something that flowed through me. But I had never been in a position to experience connectedness to spirit as clearly as I did recently. I have never been this present to the transformation of spirit from this physical dimension. Something my friend Lisa Messano wrote continued to help me understand this:

“Over the past ten years I have come to birth and death as parallel portals.  Just as families preparing for a birth anticipate and plan for the event, approaching the due date with excitement, treating the arrival of a new life as sacred and a cause for celebration, it seems that there is the possibility to approach death with a similar awareness and intention.  Being at the portal of death has the power to be just as profound and transformative, admittedly integrating the more somber shades of the emotional palette.  Grief is a process and when it is honored, acknowledged, and supported, it moves through the body like all of the other emotions.”

I am now in the state of presence and grace honoring and celebrating the life of my amazing Nanima who will always be a part of me. The grief and sadness continue to be acknowledged and come and go in waves. But beneath all the emotion is the unwavering strength in the love we had and in the knowing that her spirit is in peace and that she is home.

Have you recently lost someone in your life?

What was the process of healing from the loss like for you?

I would love to hear your thoughts. I am sure there will be something I and other readers could learn from your experience.

Much love, light and peace,


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