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January 31, 2012
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Happy Anniversary (& Valentine’s) Baby, Got You On My Mind…..

Do you know this song? It’s by a 70’s rock band called The Little River Band. What’s that got to do with me, you and the world of Anahatha?

Today is Valentine’s Day. It also happens to be my 10 year wedding anniversary. Hence the “Happy Anniversary Baby, Got You On My Mind” to my honey who is away on a business trip. But I find today to also be a seminal moment on my Anahatha (Heart) journey. A time to reflect on the “State of the Union”, if you will.


My friends and clients who I share this piece of my story with always respond with either an “Aw!” or “How sweet” when I share that that my husband (Kash) and I met when we were 3 and 4 years old, respectively. Very quickly, the next question is usually, “Was it an arranged marriage?” The answer to that is, “No, it wasn’t”.

We have three lovely daughters together, 7, 6 and almost 3. We have a beautiful life. We love each other. All true. But there is something we missed out on in the last 10 years and I wanted to share that with you. We missed out on practicing “Self-Love”.

I know we are not the only ones on the planet that have experienced this in their lives. Like many, we too have given unconditional love to each other, our daughters, friends, families and clients. And today, on our 10 year anniversary, as we celebrate where we are, we know that the next 10 years and what’s beyond that, will only be more balanced because we will be more balanced too.

The truth of the matter is that being married, unmarried, or even in a romantic relationship with someone doesn’t matter. As time goes on, you become really good at living a life deprived of “self-love” instead of a life where you are your first love. Wow! Now, isn’t that a concept?

Ever been called selfish for putting yourself first? Ever felt guilty or like you were “cheating” when you practiced “Self-Love”? Ever flown on an airplane? What’s that part of the safety announcement we have all trained ourselves to ignore – your own oxygen mask first, right? Right.

When you were born, YOU were the “first” gift you received. Honor the gift that is YOU. Don’t let anything or anyone take away your power that you have to love yourself. You will find that when YOU feel complete, whole and balanced within yourself, how beautifully the relationships in your life unfold to create that which is for your highest good.

Allow that to happen for you by practicing “Self-Love”.

I am practicing “Self-Love” in my life by continuing to clear my past emotional and mental blocks and committing to take care of my body, working out regularly, eating healthy, meditating and spending time with Kash, my girls, family and friends. How are you willing to commit to “Self-Love” today? Please share your story with me; I would love to hear from you.

Today is the day for LOVE. I hope you celebrate it in “Self-Love” while fully getting present to your Anahatha (Heart) and may you reach your fullest potential in LOVE and ALIVENESS to manifest the highest and best relationship in your life.

And happy anniversary Kash, I have you not only on my mind but also in my heart, always and forever. I love you.


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